Products Satisfy Picky Eaters

The first time I met Carreen and her husband, I felt an instant connection of friendship! Their business has truly been an answer to my prayers. I DO NOT have celiac disease, but my husband and two of my children do. I am VERY PICKY about gluten-free foods and am constantly looking for "regular" tasting foods that we've always been used to eating! When I tasted the products from Olivia's Oven, they were GREAT! :) They tasted "regular!" My family definitely has a standard order which includes donut holes, pizza crusts, rice rolls, and cinnamon raisin bread. As a special treat, we love to order white cake, pie, cheesecake, iced sugar cookies, and bread sticks. My daughters wait at the door for the "cake lady" to deliver their favorites; the donut holes and the cinnamon raisin bread. My husband waits at the door for his favorites; the white cake and the pie! Olivia's Oven's white cake could fool anyone for a delicious, gourmet wedding cake. Her pie crusts are flaky and light! I served her cheesecake at the lake with thirty relatives and no one knew it was GF! I've also had a friend order her sugar cookies for a birthday party (to be served to all of the children) so my kids could be like everyone else. How cool is that??? I keep pizza crusts in my freezer for homemade pizzas and we eat her GF crusts at Waldo pizza at least once a week. It has also been so nice and convenient to be able to go to my local HyVee to purchase Olivia's Oven's products. I have always appreciated Carreen's flexibility and professionalism. Olivia's Oven has been so good to our family. I don't know what we would do without them!

Allison S.




Our History

In 2005, our first child, Olivia was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (gluten intolerance) just before her first birthday.

For most of her first year, Olivia spent countless hours in doctors’ offices as they tried to diagnose the cause of her constant stomach pain, digestive problems, slow weight gain, acid reflux, and multiple food allergies.



After determining that Celiac Disease was the cause, we changed over to a gluten-free diet. In just a couple of weeks, Olivia began to feel better and soon she started to gain weight and grow taller.

Since Olivia’s diagnosis in 2005, her grandmother, sister and I (Olivia’s mom) have all been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Our entire family is gluten-free and we continue to transform, and perfect, gluten-free versions of our family’s age old recipes for delicious baked goods.

As we continue to watch Olivia grow, we are thankful not only for the gluten-free diet, but also for our diagnoses. Living gluten-free has improved our health and our quality of life. Our mission is that Olivia’s Oven will help those living with Celiac Disease, other Auto-immune diseases and Autism, to enjoy their favorite foods and treats for each of life’s daily celebrations. May each of your days be happy, healthy and tastefully gluten-free!


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