Making Life Sweeter

Olivia's Oven has made life a little sweeter for myself and my children, who all follow the gluten free diet. We have especially enjoyed the donut holes and rolls. We also are very grateful for the pizza crusts available at Waldo's, so that we can go out for pizza, which was previously not an option. Whenever a birthday approaches, the request for a birthday cake from Olivia's Oven is always right around the corner! Mom's cake is no longer good enough. Thank you for your wonderful baked goods and personalized treats. We hope that your business continues to grow to serve those with gluten intolerance.

Michelle E.


No Compromise on Taste

I first became acquainted with Olivia's Oven shortly after my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. At that time, we were days away from her 5th birthday, and I began to cry because I didn't know how I was going to make her a cake. The physician's assistant at our doctor's office smiled and said, "I know someone who can help." She gave us Carreen's phone number and we gave her a call.

Carreen made an absolutely gorgeous and delectable chocolate cake for our daughter's birthday that year. . . and we've been loyal customers ever since. Olivia's Oven makes the tastiest snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies around. Even my non-gluten free family members love them! The quality of Olivia's Oven products is impeccable. They have made an art out of duplicating the taste of "unsafe" foods with much tastier versions, suitable for everyone—especially those who can not tolerate gluten. With Olivia's Oven products there is no compromise on taste.




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